No man is born with the truth inside of him, even as CHRIST is all truth and all truth is in CHRIST. HE made the world and the world and all creation is HIS bride. So if a man says to his wife; don’t steal, THE LAW even THE WORD is CHRIST HIMSELF such that when she hearkens, she hearkens to CHRIST and not the man, like-wise when she says to the man; be clean, she speaketh even CHRIST and not her will so the man is as well a bride to THE WORD and not his wife. Do not try to save one outside of CHRIST and thus offering yourself to be CHRIST such that it is your word which has brought forth knowledge of truth (for if you offer thyself as the messiah, will they not dismiss even THE WORD whether it be truth by the knowledge you too are a sinner or have sinned?).But let CHRIST as THE WORD introduce HIMSELF to each person and work the salvation HIMSELF.

It is good you are known as a CHRISTIAN so that when men know you for this, they know that it’s no longer you, and that you are not offering yourself as a judge to them when you tell them THE WORD but that you offer CHRIST to them and not your word, less you (a sinner) be the reason they not accept CHRIST. For I had difficulty accepting a person should be known as a Christian because I was made aware it was about accepting CHRIST than it was about being CHRIST, because I saw that Satan is operating under ‘being a Christian’ and misleading people. For are the ungodly musicians, actors and many other not bearing the name Christ? But yet if they accepted CHRIST they won’t be such ungodly, but yet they are ‘Christians’ but they are for wild living and bestiality and thus dilute the Christian lifestyle such that the little ones are misled. But CHRIST knows HIS and let you all who accept CHRIST live and show that you are HIS. Many faithless and ungodly men are looking unto us for to know and accept CHRIST yet we can’t show it by lifestyle and thus we keep them away from the faith. You don’t just offer people THE WORD, but let them see what THE WORD has done to you first, for if you are not evident of the GOODNESS of THE WORD, then men will judge THE WORD even CHRIST wrongly.  

Caught up between the desire of my mother to be a son and the call of GOD to be HIS servant, for I felt THE LORD hath called me for to serve HIM. Even for she desired me also to break the Sabbath for education purposes, for she was a keeper of the Sunday as a day of worship and so she understood not the Sabbath. And the thing troubled me. And upon the worries of my head about the matter, THE LORD interfered in my thought and said to me; did they know you before they made you? And I saw that they knew me not. And HE read my mind and continued; are they not foolish to have tried making a child they did not know yet? And while I thought it yes, HE interfered before I finished the thought and said to me; they are not foolish, their intention and action was my desire.

And THE SPIRIT gave me understanding of THE WORDS even that the world should not know me; let no man know me from himself. Let no one see that because you a human being also, define me and think of me as they do themselves and the world and thus, want and expect me to live as them, therefore owning my being. And so I have left sonship, studentship and citizenship for THE LORDS sake, For in the voice of THE LORD unto me; you are MINE.

NUMBERS 11:34.

For I nightly read THE WORD OF GOD before I slept. And on this day while I pondered what book to read, THE SPIRIT caused for me to open the book of Numbers and verses 11, and as I read and reached the placed where HE intended me for to see, and then HE spoke to me in regards that place. For I was called for to understand the word lusted which also meant craving.

And the SPIRIT made me to understand craving to be desire even to desire that which gives thee life for without it, thou canst live or thou canst be normal. And HE brought me down to see our earth today, even to see that we went to the foods GOD intended to them as food for to heal them, for to be normal.

I saw that it was idolatary, for we have gone to GODS creation for ‘life’, whereas it is that which was given us as food. And I wondered in my head and said; where are we, even our ‘position’ that we now desire GODS creation even that which was the intended food for man for healing? And I saw that we have gone further ‘backwards’ even as we are now feeding on the wrong foods.

And THE HOLY SPIRIT went further with me to understanding what craving means in regards to my own life, Yet HE spoke to me even to convince me and said; am I a religious being? Is all of me GOD? Is GOD enough for me? Can GOD satisfy me? Is it I who is in GOD or is it GOD who is in me?

For HE spoke so to convince me even to advice me that if it is I who is in GOD, then there ought be nothing that I do which ought not to glorify GOD, for all of my life ought be for GOD. And so HE SAID; should there then be an aspect of your life that is in the world? Is there an aspect of my life that I should be finding from the world.

And HE spoke in regard to some music I listened to that did not give glory to GOD and some human television actings that were not in GOD GLORY. And I reasoned it, and it was true, for if GOD created all, then all ought to bear witness of HIM in all they did. And this happened to me on a Sabbath morning. And quickly, I deleted the music on my phone that were ‘not bad’ but yet did not give glory to GOD and stopped watching the programs that were not in GODS glory.

For THE HOLY SPIRIT said to me, that GOD is so ‘covering’ that man should not be able to do a thing and yet not to HIS glory. Even that GOD defines space, such that a decision without GOD was enough to be a decision against HIM. Everything you did, once it bore not the identity of GOD, then it is a threat to the power and glory of GOD on the earth. For if anything on earth was found to be good yet not in GODS CHARACTER then GOD as creator of the earth was threatened.

And THE HOLY SPIRIT said to me to come, even HE was inviting me to come and find and fulfill and testify of ‘that’ aspect of my life that I thought was in the world, in GOD. For is there anything which I ought to be doing which should not be glorifying GOD? For am I not supposed to be the fulfillation of the desires of GOD? For THE HOLY SPIRIT came for to show me that the life the world teacheth are lies and deceptions.

For THE LORD hath desired for me that come to live as HIM, even in perfection and also in finding life from the perfection of things and not finding relevance from problems. For HE has called me out to live in ‘silence’, even in submission to THE SPIRIT and in calmness and in godliness and in the fear of GOD.

And the convincing of THE SPIRIT was so kind with me, for HIS WORDS pressed upon my heart very softly and as HE spoke, it kept calming me down, and HIS calming down was as soft air blown to something hurting, it breed satisfaction and healing. And I wept afterwards for HIS WORDS found me in sin.                           


All these are work done at different times, yet, through the inspiration of THE SPIRIT . Glory unto HIM for the grace and understanding which HE hath put in me, for me and GODS church, AMEN!

Understand ye this; The devil isn’t physical, even to say his substance isn’t material. The world of man is not a need to him. He was only after power, even GODS throne.

And I understood further that he seems to be the ‘spirit’ of man, the one who communicates in behalf of man to GOD. Satan cannot ‘eat the fruit’ because of his substance, likewise he cannot accuse GOD on an ‘impossible to be HOLY’ substance if all men have not sinned. The devil as I understand is not a “true self”, he is the spirit that ‘stands’ and ‘represents’ rebellious man, yet he is after power and GODS throne. Either man is the fulfillment of the devils argument or the devil presents man’s cause before GOD. They seem to be working for each other even as they are very corresponding and consistent.

And know ye that the controversy is about knowledge and ignorance i.e. Being from knowing (creation) and being from being the being of all knowledge (being from substance – GOD). The devil (and man) suffered from not being from substance. Satan and rebellious man seem to me to be a single being-a self, a voice, a character, an action or an attitude and suffer from the same ‘things’. What marks us both is not being from substance which is ignorance also, and so the signature of the devil or Lucifer is ignorance.

…for the one law they were given, that same law they broke. The devil victimized them as not being GOD, even the same problem HE suffered from.

His mirror reflecting statement – You. He victimized them as being the creatures and not the creator. He made man aware that he was not GOD and was subject GOD.

The first Couple agreed with him for he made them equal with him in victimhood (being created and not being God). He ignited the space and hunger in them of not being GOD. But they had to have ‘been like him’ (victimhood of created), up to him (share the same views), to have been bigger than him (keeper of the law) to break that law. So it’s all choice and no deception. He convinced them than he deceived them. Its deception if there was no knowledge, but they had THE LAW even THE WORD.

The problem of victimization is that once one gets victimized, he no longer sees himself under the law. He understands not the law again. He sees it unfair to his desires and so he goes on trying to create his laws or ways or push the boundary of the preceding law for to contain him, thus redefining the law. We call this attitude today ambition. But ambition does not show gratitude, it doesn’t show content, it rejects and judges where the self is and lives in the feeling of ‘I am better’ or ‘I can do better’ or ‘I deserve better’.

And so it was the lack of being from substance (ignorance) that started Lucifer’s rebellion of which 1/3rd of angels sided with that gamble. So why didn’t the entire heavenly Host side with him? The gamble was reasonable and one that came with success (at least for a while) even because all men sinned and proved the devil correct, yet for a while…


THE HOLY SPIRIT visited me and spoke unto me what the controversy was all about; THE SUBSTANCE OF MAN. Even to mean; can the substance of man be holy? Can it stand beside GOD even to mean; can it reason with GOD? Can it exist eternally in Holiness without finding ‘rest’ in sin?

The problem of the human being is living the character of ‘the hand’, finding your character from the hands that made you. Can the character be interpreted through the being? Can GOD be known and seen through the man?

And so can man be and live from the character of the hand that made HIM? So it’s all about acknowledging and recognizing and living through (finding life) the hands you were made from (living with responsibility to CHRIST).  Yet we are not finding and recognizing our being from ‘that hands’ that made us, we have sought to dismiss that it was ‘a hand’ at all.

The HOLY SPIRIT made me understand we don’t have a spiritual life, like a spiritual self that is a being on its own and communicates with heaven even because you can only live through your being and interpret the hand only through your being (substance). So I saw that the growing spirituality was all to compensate for the physical being that seem lost.

Lucifer wanted to use the case of man as not Capable of being Holy (due to we all fallen) to fault CHRIST’S creation as not being perfect and not being made with the capability of Holiness even perfection. He (Lucifer) was all about trying to present CHRIST as ‘incapable’ and ‘not able’ and so take HIS place. But it’s impossible to fault CHRIST and not fault GOD because CHRIST is GODS WORD. HE is GOD’S WORD and GODS KNOWLEDGE (so you can’t actually ‘lay hands’ on HIM as you would be touching GOD). And if GOD does not find fault in HIS WORD then who is anyone to accuse THE WORD?

Once he (Lucifer) successfully faulted GOD, He would then take command of GODS creation (of which was happening). THE HOLY SPIRIT made me see that at a point in time GOD needed the testimony of man even Holy Living to vindicate HIM and reinstall HIM HIS NAME AND GLORY, yet all men in their rebellious living also accused GOD of not making them perfect (HOLY). 

And so nobody knew if GOD had made a perfect being even as all men sinned. So only THE TRINITY (GOD THE FATHER then GOD THE SON, then GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT) where left with the truth of Mans being and ability.

The HOLY SPIRIT made me aware of the actions of the devil in heaven. I was told he would walk up to GOD at any time and accuse THE WORD yet GOD of imperfect creation and nothing happened. THE HOLY SPIRIT made me aware that GOD ‘suffered’ even because of these accusations. I was once told by THE SPIRIT that GOD was not on the throne but did not understand why till recently…

GOD did not want to end the world from ‘HIS knowing’ alone else the entire beings of heaven would only worship HIM in fear as they haven’t known the truth’ too and GOD would have come to lose HIS character as LOVE in the eyes of the heavenly Hosts. The devil evolved in HIS argument not because GOD in HIS anger cannot truthfully destroy the world but HE WAS ALL KNOWLEDGE and knew WHAT HE CREATED, and would not judge a world HE saw are suffering from the victimization of not being creators. The truth as I was made to understand was that GOD felt responsible and still feels responsible that we are not HIM than HE felt and feels HE was being accused. The devil evolved and took advantage of GODS LOVE to continue in his accusations against GOD, than he was ‘any right’.


THE HOLY SPIRIT whispered me the understanding of HIMSELF and CHRIST. Even that CHRIST is GODS WORD. Likewise HE is GODS REASON. Even that GOD gave them a self or individuality or a right to existence independently, from HIM. God did not hold them subject to HIS will but created them and gave them choice. And so whenever GOD wants to create, CHRIST does that creation (even working with the HOLY SPIRIT) and is in charge of it.

Creation was made by JESUS CHRIST (and I mean the voice of CHRIST JESUS), HIMSELF. All these HOLY SPIRIT told me.

Between the 23rd and 26th December, alone at home even as my family where away for ‘their celebrations’, I got visited by THE HOLY SPIRIT. HE caused me to understand the coming of CHRIST was to vindicate GOD yet HIMSELF and THE HOLY SPIRIT, from the accusations of the devil (Yet HE also came with LOVE for us in that HE felt responsible that we rebelled from not being from substance, as such felt responsible for our darkness for HE was the light).

THE HOLY SPIRIT made me understand angels came down as men to vindicate GOD of man’s accusations of our substance not capable of being HOLY, yet they failed also (genesis 6:1-5).


CHRIST came for to test on humanity and it did not cause HIM to sin, yet not ‘test on humanity’, but to prove us wrong for HE created our substance and knows it. HE died sinless and so condemned man to his (ignorant) false-living that he was made imperfect. And the devil also lost, in that his argument on the substance of man not capable of being holy was proved wrong.

The coming of CHRIST was to testify against man’s way of living, of which CHRIST successfully did.

The HOLY SPIRIT made me understand that GOD screamed and said unto CHRIST to ‘have it all’ and ‘take it all’, even all of creation. I was made to see that GOD truly suffered Lucifer’s accusations.

I was clearly made to understand CHRIST did not ‘die for man’ or ‘die in place of man’. Sin comes from being victimized which is ignorance from not knowing and not being-of which GOD does not hold man accountable for.

For CHRIST even because HE made man and knew HIS abilities held and preached us accountable for our every action and likewise educated our beings as he was THE WORD, than HE pointed to HIS death as salvation for man.

For If CHRIST had ‘done it all for man’, HE would have enthroned Lucifer in that man is not capable of being HOLY and would have turned against THE FATHER and THE SPIRIT.

THE HOLY SPIRIT opened my eye to see that CHRIST did not make HIS (THE HOLY SPIRIT) actions of convicting man to accept THE WORD even CHRIST HIMSELF void. (For that is what it means when we say CHRIST had died for us)

It’s important we understand time today and forgiveness; forgiveness is the acceptance and witnessing of THE WORD through the conviction of THE SPIRIT. CHRISTS’ work as our high priest is in purchasing us time so that man would be convicted and ‘educated’ or ‘empowered’ by the HOLY SPIRIT with THE WORD to be victorious over sin even in preparation of judgement.

For why should CHRIST forgive us sins which we do not know are sins or isn’t sure we would stop them? That is to enthrone the devil. For is there forgiveness without repentance? And so you can only accept THE WORD from repentance and if you have accepted THE WORD then THE WORD has forgiven you as you are now a witness of HIM of which there is no need for forgiveness. For our call into being was to witness HIM who is the perfection of GOD.

If CHRIST ‘DID IT ALL FOR MAN’ that is to permit ignorance and sin and to turn against HIS nature. Because as shown me, our wild living is represented in HEAVEN as being permitted by CHRIST through HIS ‘dying for us’. Yet not believed for CHRIST has vindicated GOD and won over heaven for GOD and enthroned GOD back as GOD and called us liars.

For as HE became human, HE testified of HIMSELF through our substance through THE SPIRIT, and gave us this SELF through HIS WORDS. Wherefore CHRIST is the gospel HIMSELF. HIS WORDS are the testimony of HIMSELF. Yet HE judged us for that is what we ought to have been.

Heaven is a place of either for or against such that once you are not for, you are already against. The HOLY SPIRIT made me understand that that GOD is too big, everywhere and in everything for man not to perceive HIM and be for him such that your indecision shows you are ‘against’ HIM. HE is a need such that you should not be able to live successfully outside HIM.

For example, a student pays a friend to write an examination for HIM because ‘he did not read or did not understand’. But in Heaven, it is perceived to be you saying; GOD did not make me with ‘that ability’. Likewise when we continue in sin for whatever reason, we are perceived to be saying we are not made capable of perfection. And so every human activity is either for GOD or against GOD.

What is the work of CHRIST as intercessor in heaven if ‘ALL IS FORGIVEN’? If CHRIST died for us why would there still be judgment on the wicked when CHRIST comes? Why the last plaques on us? If CHRIST had died for us, is this ‘the new earth ‘then? For CHRIST is only interceding even buying us time for to repent and come to witness HIM, to the glory of GOD.

THE HOLY SPIRIT made me understand that if CHRIST had ‘DONE IT FOR MAN’ the world would have ‘rolled up’ and ended already.

Yet CHRIST never even accepted HIS death; HIS prayer to HIS FATHER before HIS crucifixion and HIS prayer for HIS killers. Why would GOD even sacrifice the good one for the bad one when HIS substance is good and HE desireth good?

For if CHRIST came for to die for man, imagine we the theme of the ‘new testament’? For it would have been all celebrations. Rather, the mood around this prophecy and statement is one of guilt on man and not one of vindication for man.

For how can we believe in HIM and have life if HE be dead? For did the Jews who killed HIM, kill HIM for to rise? For was their killing not condemnation on HIM? And so we see that HIS killing was a threat to the righteous’ man’s HOPE of eternal life.

For are we now education HIM about HIS DEATH? For the HOLY SPIRIT pressed me till I admitted we are still gentiles with our claim that HE died in behalf of us.  CHRIST coming to take our sins away was by making us aware of what sin was even as THE WORD and giving us that WORD so as not to continue in such sinful acts. For then has HIS death ‘for us’ abolish choice? For what is choice then if man ‘could not decide’ such that ‘all was done for him’?

For if CHRIST died for all, then are the works of the righteous even the efforts of the man who is after righteousness all vanity? Are the efforts of we who keep the Sabbath all vain? Is righteousness vanity?

And we must understand the meaning of LIFE; LIFE is KNOWLEDGE and KNOWLEDGE is THE WORD. For is it not knowledge that ADAM and eve despised that caused them death? So also HE as THE WORD came so all men can find that LIFE again. For HE won’t be life if HIS substance is not GODS WORD!

We actually killed one who did not know wrong and through HIS crucifixion, made HIM guilty of something HE did not know, even a sin that did not exist, For all are GODS children in righteousness. We actually judged GOD by killing and condemning HIS WORD.

He bore our sins to the cross even as our definition of sonship was sexual yet the way of GOD is not ours even that GOD is not us and we are never HIM. For it is THE WORD that made us sons of GOD in creating us in HIM. And ought we for to testify of THE WORD and becomes the sons of GOD, though born through the act.

For they used their understanding to understand and define GOD. They thought their ways GODS, yet in defining GOD’S from theirs’ they defined GOD as sexual.

We filled a man with our evil ways and thinking and judged and killed HIM with our fallen state of thinking. We put on HIM our thoughts of sins. We sought HIM to be like us in our fallen state. Woe unto us!

They gave a judgement that was supposed to be GODS. They decided for GOD. Their killing HIM was a condemnation and not a sacrifice.

For while HIS coming was to give them hope on how to live and stop the sacrifices, they rejected this new life, yet the ideal life which existed as perfection from the beginning.

For ought we not understand the meaning of sonship? For though it be a biological affair, it is also shows relationship. For CHRIST won the name of sonship to GOD through obedience. Likewise when we live in obedience to THE WORD, we also become the sons of GOD through HIS IMAGE even THE WORD.

For if we then are the sons of GOD, are we supposed to be grateful unto GOD or ought we question how HE is our father? Yet the world say the latter is intelligence and have caused men for to understand the GOD through the earth even to rebel against their maker and we are filled with guilt.

For even if the old Jews killed CHRIST and it turned salvation, are we Jews to partake in that salvation? But yet we have a hand in HIS death if we do not show repentance and acceptance of THE WORD. And when we do, we are free of the guilt of the cross. We need THE WORD to be EVER ALIVE than we need it to be dead for a second. For if your hope of living again was gone? What ye hope for again?

If only we knew the Judgment the cross stood against us!!! CHRIST dying by us even as HE gave HIMSELF and sacrificed HIS DIVINE BEING because of us (sinners). GOD Would hold each and every one of us accountable for HIS SONS LIFE except ye accept HIM as THE WORD and GOD sees HIM living through us.

CHRIST has only put ‘more pressure’ on us to do righteousness and has shortened man’s grace to vindicate GOD of all imperfection claims such that whether you live for GOD or not, GODS judgment is not dependent on when humanity start to live in perfection, for CHRIST has vindicated GOD already. And so time today for us is grace, for the better and earlier we accept and live THE WORD, then we are sure of salvation.

For if the cross is forgiveness did CHRIST not start to forgive sins before HIS death? (Mark 2:9-10). What then is the fate of those who never knew the cross (Old Testament)? For did THE LORD not say unto us in John 15:3 that it is HIS WORD which cleanseth the man?

And so one thing standeth and is a judge for ALL generations from Adam to us; acceptance of THE WORD and becoming IT, even testifying of it.

For what is sin or how does a man sin? Or what is the substance of sin that a man need ‘a cross or blood’ to save him? But if it be a life for a life, why should GOD chose an innocent blood for a guilty one?

But as sin is ignorance then is that not why CHRIST offered HIMSELF to us as THE WORD? So when thou acceptest THE WORD OR COMMANDMENT OR LAW, has not thou shown repentance and forgiven thyself through THE WORD? But if THE WORD after sacrificing HIS being or self into what makes HIM up, even THE WORD for you and yet you do not accept THE WORD so that you can testify of THE WORD as perfect then has thou not rejected THE WORD? For if CHRIST said to you, love your brother as yourself, has HE not offered HIMSELF (even as THE WORD even love) to you? So when thou hurttest thy brother has thou not rejected CHRIST?

The killing of CHRIST is the fulfilment of what happened with the Jews before CHRIST. Even as they rejected THE WORD through the prophets, they did not grow up their children in THE WORD so when CHRIST appeared, they children did not recognize HIM and thus killed HIM also. And thus, their sin is judgement to we the children (through THE WORD) if we do not accept THE WORD that will make us sinless and make us SONS of GOD. For as our fathers the Jews who killed CHRIST because HE said HE was the SON of GOD yet they failed to see that HE was making them sons of GOD through THE WORDS HE was offering them and had offered them through the prophets. So in killing HIM, they denied their being as capable of being HOLY and being able to reason with GOD.

I tell thee the truth, even to stop invoking the cross for it is a place of guilt to us, in that we rejected and condemned THE WORD of GOD.

For HE has taken on humanity on HIMSELF forever! HE lives with the guilt of our sins as righteousness. HE has sacrificed HIS divine being even because of our sins. HE defined HIS divine being through human ignorance! For HE gave us the understanding of HIMSELF as THE WORD even through THE LAWS, till there was no difference between us and GOD, and then HE dwelled with us, as us.

And I was shown the first enmity between Lucifer and man. For Lucifer and man both worked against GOD but without consent of each other. And their first enmity was that man ignorantly killed JESUS CHRIST even sinless and condemned himself and the devil lost HIS argument on the substance of man not capable of reasoning with GOD.


For can ye accept a person without knowing that person? Can ye believe in a person without knowing what he is? Can ye live with a person without knowing what he is about? Though HE be eternal life but know we that HE is not a reckless life. And so HE came as THE WORD even knowledge less HE be misdefined by evil, even the human thoughts.

For THE WORD even LOVE has been defined through our type of sin. HE knows who HE is from our type of sin. For love is that which HE will do when men offend HIM. Yet it is HE who has defined HIMSELF from our sins. HE hath broken HIMSELF down as the Ten Commandments and the laws from our type of sin. And it is our sins which have made HIM GOD, for HE intended not be as GOD unto us but as a friend. But as we have turned evil, HE visits us as a GOD even for HE has come to show us righteousness. For through the law, HE testifies against us, even HE saying; I do not steal and kill, etc.  And so THE WORD HIMSELF is knowledge of sin unto us, HE is a gift of HIMSELF unto us, for HE is convicting us and telling us our type of ‘lack of love’. For though HE became human yet HE was GOD over us for to guide us to godliness also.

It is THE WORD who gives judgement. It is THE WORD which firms judgement, either as good or bad. Thou can feel a thing be wrong or right, yet it is THE WORD which gives thee the ‘final’ judgement. And so THE WORD is knowledge of judgement unto us.

And likewise fear we that HE, which was pure and HOLY has sacrificed HIMSELF even to become subject to our righteousness. That HE has had to be known by men yet to guide them to righteousness. And so THE WORD is no longer perfection, but has become a solution unto us. For THE WORD has left Holiness unto Righteousness yet to lead us unto Holiness.

Woe unto us! For we are now filled with the knowledge of GOD from our sin. We have come to know GOD from our sins. For we now know that GOD steals not and kills not and HE covets not.

For if we say THE LORD has died for our sins, that is to say GOD has compromised HIS WORD for us. That is to say THE WORD is no longer righteous and a judge. For then what will stand as Judge on the last day? But then HE left Holiness and became righteous for to lead us back to Holiness.

For if THE WORD has been compromised for us, what then is THE WORD? Thou shalt steal? Or thou shalt kill? For though THE LORD in Holiness of GOD knew not what stealing and killing was, but now HE knows them for they are the product of our ignorance. And so through THE LAW, HE showed power and knowledge over sin.

For CHRIST came not as GOD but as THE WORD even for to save us through knowledge of sin. HE came not as a GOD but as a MAN even THE SON OF MAN for to testify of Holiness against us, and so how can HE then save thee, when HE was like us? For it is HIS testimony while human which will judge us. And so those who will stand as judges with HIM are those who have HIS testimony and victory over sin.

And so praise ye THE WORD who appeared unto us as hope of our salvation. Who appeared unto us as knowledge of our salvation. For while we ought continue outside THE SPIRIT and perish, THE WORD came and gave us hope through HIM. TO HIM BE EVERY GLORY, AMEN.

For HE testified of HIMSELF through THE SPIRIT and affirmed HIS nature and GODLINESS over us, even in flesh.

For our works and thoughts and words ought be the manifestation and testimony of CHRIST. And where CHRIST speaks as THE WORD, then HE has judged thee in that thou art not manifesting HIM.

And so the person of CHRIST on earth is our testimony. And so while HE is judgement unto us yet HE has become the way for us unto salvation yet also confirming and giving us THE SPIRIT for HE is the manifestation of THE SPIRIT.


And so HE hath sacrificed HIMSELF unto us. HE hath given HIMSELF by coming down to live ‘the life’ for us for to lead us to salvation. And has so given us righteousness in HIM, such that HE hath done all for us through the life HE lived for us to witness and become and has become the path unto us. And so we have to hasten to have this testimony, for without it, then thee are subject to the judgment of HIS LIFE.

The HOLY SPIRIT said to me; In that one mad had sinned, none of such race deserved to live because it show when they too get victimised, they will sin also, but CHRIST became our hope as THE WORD, and for us; knowing THE WORD. For is there knowledge of sin outside THE WORD? Yet HE became THE WORD and made us sons of GOD and gave us HIS SPIRIT (even that which made him GOD).So what business of salvation has thou with salvation on the cross if not Judgment of rejecting THE WORD. For from times old HE had started to teach men about HIMSELF so they would become like HIM till there was no longer a difference and secret between GOD and men, hence HIS becoming flesh.


For THE LORD became humble and subject to the truth of the man. Even that man needs cover for to fight the temptation and knowledge of sex, yet THE LORD came and testified against this knowledge, for HE made it known unto us that the knowledge of sex is of the mind and not of the body.

For if CHRIST ever existed as a person then it is in the nakedness of Adam but now in sin even under clothes. And so it’s impossible to live HIM. Yet when one is decent CHRIST is still manifested in HIM for HE dresses not to cause a fellow to temptation even to lust and sin. And so decency is a sign of love even a responsibility of CHRIST to thy fellows.

For through decency, we have defined THE WORD. For HE now lives with the cause of our sins. And so as HE came, HE became subject to our righteousness, yet HE exists in it. And so we are Christ’s. Yet we are not HIM for though we cannot live HIM even because of sin, yet HE exists in HIMSELF and for GOD as pure even naked as in the beginning. And so it should be said; HE came and bore our sins even for to save us.

And so CHRIST is lost to us yet HE can be found in us and this is our hope. And so we must embrace THE Christ’s created as us and in us through THE SPIRIT even as decency for when this mind is lost even through fashions, then what hope gat we again for to be saved? And so we are forever condemned. And so we must do everything to kick against fashion for the judgment and reality of sin is upon us.

For if THE WORD as pure even naked was to judge us, then none of us would have been in existence, for all generations are born in ‘sin’ even the knowledge of nakedness. But HE became subject to us for when we dress decently, then we help fight the temptations of lusts. And so HE has become subject to us for to witness HIM.

For once man sinned, he came out or the rest of GOD even CHRIST JESUS and was an abomination before GOD. But THE SPIRIT can re-create rest for us but with ‘labours’ from us.

So one cannot be or live a ‘carefree’ or naked-Adam person today for the sin of thy brother has caused for thee to be a ‘responsible’ person. For if CHRIST hath not consented to the sin of Adam and Eve in clothing then, there ought be no hope for us.

And so our hope in sin is THE HOLY SPIRIT and not THE WORD of GOD who is pure and sinless for HE is lost unto us. So we must do well to go to THE HOLY SPIRIT who will renew and create us Christ’s.

For the CHRIST who will judge us now is a ‘decent’ CHRIST and so when THE HOLY SPIRIT does not create this ‘decent’ CHRIST in us, yet as us then we are condemned.

For in sin it was THE LAW that helped us be decent even as love to our weakness even the weak fellows. And so HE own that ‘decency’ and was not ashamed for to appear in it for it was HIS idea even HIS CREATION, yet for our own good and as salvation unto us.

Yet if CHRIST will appear to this present generation HE will appear in garments and not naked for decency is a covenant with this generation, yet a reminder of sin upon us.

For can any please GOD without choice? And in this manner THE LORD made us gods unto THE FATHER, that GOD sees this choice of followership because HE is good and true and life and not because HE is a law unto any man. And so sent HE the son for us to know of HIM and testify of HIM for to accept HIM.

For though THE SON knew not sin, being perfect with GOD in HOLINESS even as HIS WORD, yet the father sacrificed HIM unto us. And sent in into the world of sin for to live in sin and with sinners. HE was caused to know sin when HE ought to have judged it from the start. But yet HE was love, for sin is the absence of love. And so came HE that through HIM, sin will be defeated.

All are subject to THE WORD-LOVE; Both the offender who acts without love and the offended who shows not grace and forbearance unto the offender.

And so because of sin, both he who causes for sin and he who ought not to deny the existence of THE WORD as love are subject to judgement from THE WORD. For THE WORD has come and is known because they both are lacking in HIS testimony.

 But woe unto the offender the more for HE has taken up the image of the devil unto him for to cause men to sin. And so to the offender, THE WORD is a judge unto HIM but to the offended, THE WORD is an advice and ‘way out’ unto HIM in the face of the temptation to justify.

For after sin, HE hath made HIMSELF known unto us as a way for us to live with and defeat sin. And so by HIS existence as LOVE and this revelation unto us, HE hath done it for us for without HIM as love, who knoweth what to do in the face of evil?

Yet in all these, THE WORD has come as a burden and judge unto them both for they are both offenders from being influenced, such that the offender lacks love and the offended lacks grace and understanding.

Yet THE WORD on its own saves not for it is the conviction of THE SPIRIT which will teach thee the manifestation of THE WORD. For in the face of justification to the offender, thou wilt grow above THE WORD also, and so it is THE SPIRIT which will manifest this love unto thee in the face of the hurt, to the manifestation of THE WORD, which is love, less thou showest vengeance and deny THE WORD as love.

Also thou can love wrongly, even to mean; thou can love a righteous man and hate a sinner, but it is THE SPIRIT which will convict thee to see that the fulfillation of love is manifested on the sinner and not the righteous, yet because we could not know this, THE LORD came and lived this for us for to see what love is and to manifest it unto sinners.

And so the fufillation of THE WORD as LOVE from us is through THE SPIRIT. For though THE WORD be a judge on them both, yet it has come as a way to them even a mind unto them, even the knowledge on what to do.

Yet because the Jews rejected this ‘type’ of love, and so they killed HIM. Yet we also reject this type of love through our courts! Woe unto the court houses and court men and the inhabitants of the earth, who have rejected THE WORD of GOD.

We are doing the devils work by choice even profession and we keep saying THE LORD has done it for us? We are manifesting the devils judgment by our logics and we keep saying THE LORD has done it for us? Is this world not a product of our ideas and thoughts and truths? And so we are no different from the Jews who killed CHRIST also.

We are offending GOD and needing HIM for to console us for the consequences of our sins, yet we don’t want to repent from the sin but want to continue with it as a lifestyle, and so we say CHRIST has done all for us, even though the consequence of the sin is for to draw us back to living in Holiness. Who then will console GOD for our own sins unto HIM?

Who pays the forgiving man? Who pays the innocent man? Who pays the loving man? Who pays the forbearing man? Yet the man who cries of offenses in the courts are paid money from the courts. Those who break marriages and bring forth vengeance as judgments earn money from the governments from this evils, yet who pays the one who promotes love and tolerance?

For I tell thee, all who earn Money from their talents are receiving their reward, likewise all who seek fame from their talents are also receiving their reward. For the new earth is a place of love and sharing and witnessing.

For the need of THE WORD came from sin, and we should not forget! The need to understand righteousness comes from sin. And so woe to the offender who demands for the manifestation of THE WORD.

For the righteousness of GOD is found among men!  The righteousness of GOD is subject to men. And so woe unto that man who causes evil for there to be a knowing of THE WORD, yet judgement unto HIMSELF.

For THE WORD is no longer found before sin, but after sin. THE WORD has become subject to the guilt of men to be witnessed and known. Man is no longer the testimony of THE WORD but THE WORD is now the testimony of men from sin. THE WORD has become subject to men for to manifest and be known.

For THE WORD also became subject to man as grace unto generations which have lost holiness. And likewise through our witnessing, many will see THE WORD, in the face of our forbearance and tolerance and giving and simplicity.

For if THE WORD hath not become subject to the evil of man, then THE FATHERS CHARACTER will not have been known, but the vengeance of men.

And so woe unto us, that THE WORD which ought be manifested in us as its body, even the revelation of GOD hath come down as a man and redeemed a body unto HIMSELF for we refused HIS TESTIMONY. Woe unto us that we have defined THE WORD as it became flesh, and so the testimony of THE WORD is now a law unto us, yet through THE SPIRIT which will recreate innocence and love in us, we can testify of this love also.

Yet in all these, THE WORD has not been stained by sin though found after sin and in the face of sin. For HE exists in HIMSELF still as love.

And so THE WORD exists as testimony to each man to give from the love of the goodness and truth of THE WORD. For THE WORD though a judge yet, came as love unto us also.

And so woe unto those who create for foods and creations that take life and those who by choice consume this foods and make use of this creations which hurt them, for they have become testifiers of death and not LIFE which is CHRIST JESUS, and are thus making a lie against LIFE.

Woe unto those who cause for unrest with false education and false learning which is rebellion before THE GOD  and woe unto those who seek this knowledge of rebellion which makes them guilty and not INNOCENT before THE GOD, which shows a lack of trust in GOD.



For how has the sacrifice of a lamb fill in for your sin when THE WORD says thou shall not steal. If thou then refuse to heed the call not to steal and prefer to sacrifice animals then have ye not rejected THE WORD? And so it pains THE LORD and calls HIM foolish for that HE is void and not recognized before us even because we understandeth HIM not. And so the conviction of HIM is also rejected.

CHRIST as the lamb of GOD signified innocence, in that an innocent man has had to become subject to our knowledge of righteousness, and thus was sacrificed for us.

And while on earth HE showed this innocence in that HE refused to be educated with evil. HE dint acquaint HIMSELF with it or believe it or accept it had a substance. HE did not see our evil and darkness as a threat to HIS light, rather, HE saw darkness as needing light.  HE knew he was going to die but that is what makes HIM the lamb in that he was ‘foolish’ not to ‘accept’ HE will be killed yet innocent that HE still came, but HE came even in the trust of HIS FATHER, that HE will be risen again. So the more evil we did, the more he felt for us.

Is that not why HIS prayer for HIS killers on the cross? For HE dint know and agree with evil, I would say HE had ‘a hand’ in HIS death than HE was killed because HE knew before coming that HE will be killed, but it explains HIS love for us and how and how much uncomfortable HE was ‘knowing’ we needed HIM. And in the face of HIS trials on earth HE continued in innocence, even when HE knew HE was contrary to the laws. HE was in an evil world but HE did not act with caution of the evil judgement HE would face. HE did not let evil affect HIM or the truth HE spoke.

HE did not take advantage of our evil and pride HIMSELF in being THE TRUTH and LIGHT. HE felt responsible for our sins. For HE came even to expose the false ‘word’ which the old Jews preached and taught even misleading ‘HIS SHEEP’, yet HE, being THE WORD came and became a symbol so ALL such that anyone can look up to HIM and be saved. So HIS coming was grace and salvation to every nation, race, kindred, tongue, tribe and every being. TO HIM BE EVERY GLORY, AMEN.

And so I was made to understand, killing CHRIST was an interruption of man’s salvation in that men no longer had THE WORD to teach and guide them. HIS crucifixion was an unneeded event; Even as GOD would not require evil from men for HIS good to happen.

I was made to see the importance of the lamb being alive as HE is the mind of the new earth. For I was made to see the problem of this world is a lack of innocence. For as CHRIST is the mind of it, there will not be misunderstanding and misinterpreting of selves, for CHRIST will be the cause and mind of it.  

CAN CHRIST DO MANS WORK FOR HIM? Then what is your purpose?

For HE was not human; HE only took up humanity on HIMSELF to prove us wrong, yet HE made a way for us in righteousness. If you sought to live HIM, you will be regarded as a sinner in this life though you are innocent, because if you sought to live HIM today, you would walk naked even as a result of being innocent of sin or carefree and will be a sinner. If you sought to live CHRIST, you will be seen as a fool today because HE gave HIS life for us and never thought about HIMSELF.

For CHRIST is the ‘mind’ through which things are done than HE is the definition of things. It’s impossible to ‘lay’ hands on HIS person or act as everything is accepted if it is built on innocence and love. You can’t live CHRIST, you are supposed to live through HIM. If you decide to ‘live carefree’ today because of CHRIST and you end up looking ‘indecent’ they you will be guilty of ‘the woman’ who made all nations drink of the wine of her fornication. If you sought to live as CHRIST today, you will find HIS life weird and a ‘burden’, Yet through innocence you can live that. CHRIST created us to testify of HIS GOODNESS and witness HIM in our lifestyles and not for HIM to come and ‘do it for us’. HE is the way such that through HIM you can go many places and not like HE is a destination. HE doesn’t have a form or structure. For what is the structure of love or innocence?

Hence the importance of THE SPIRIT which is in us, to recreate this love and innocence between us and to teach and guide us on how to live the human life and not be sinful. For HE is our guide to witnessing CHRIST.


For conceived I a doubt in my being; did CHRIST do away with culture or HE could not live culture such that HE left it for us to do but in love or HE created one through HIS washing of feet and breaking of bread? Yea, created HE, us one and also, I see HE despises bad culture but loves every good culture as far as it is done in love, innocence and service. So the father can serve the son, likewise the son should serve the father also. thou can’t really say ‘who HE is’ because HE seems to be in everything.  And this is our LORD;

  • HE is a child yet was matured in living in righteousness.
  • HE doesn’t exists as a self because HIS life is ALL for us.
  • HE created us, yet we have more ‘presence’ than HE does have.
  • HE is a being yet you can’t grasp who HE is.
  • HE is, yet the world is HIS being.
  • HE made it all yet through HIS living, HE made everything vanity.
  • HE is GOD yet HE lived a servant; even our GOD but became our servant
  • HE is innocence and love; as such HE makes everything not a sin and yet HE won’t commit the wrong act.

Learn who HE is now and be that person else we don’t recognize HIM again in the new earth and sought to kill HIM. For till you are like HIM, you won’t be with HIM.


For as THE WORD existed as LOVE and REST and INNOCENCE and LIFE, it is meant to be known and seen and understood even lived yet physicalized from our substance.  So THE WORD is a mind to us and cannot ‘do it for us’. For if THE WORD is do not kill then, to those who do not kill are already in obedience to THE WORD for in HIS LIKENESS made us we, to the glory of GOD.

For CHRIST made us homes to HIS SPIRIT for to see HIMSELF in us even for to know HIMSELF from us. So how can HE do ‘what we were created to do and be’ for us?

For we are the Body of CHRIST. We are the definition and revelation and the manifestation of evil and problems. For it is the body reveals the action. Its why you can’t have faith and it’s not able to be seen. For faith is trust and belief in THE WORD of which THE WORD is knowledge and it ought be seen in our living. And so the body is witnessing. And as the body of CHRIST, ought we for to witness THE WORD, even the type of knowledge that HE IS.

Likewise, we are the face of CHRIST, for art thou not known through thy face? Also is we who are the knowledge of CHRIST before men. If men ought know CHRIST, be it through our living.

THE LORD came because of our sins even that we were sinners and made the wrong accusations against HIM and GOD and THE SPIRIT also. For as we were created the body and face to THE WORD and so everything we did is a testimony of HIM, and so HE had to come for to save HIMSELF from the wrong testimonies the Jews gave as HIM.

But yet in HIS LOVE, because HE is LOVE and because it is impossible to separate LOVE from HIM for that is HIS substance, HE came not only to judge us but that through HIS life on earth, we will be closer to GOD. But we killed HIM because when HE came, we accepted not this way of life, just as we are not accepting this way of life today. We are not accepting this way of love. And we are likewise persecuting THE MAN today in rejecting THE WORD which HE is.

It is impossible for HIM to have done it for us for HE is only THE WAY to THE FATHER but not THE FATHER. It is through HIM that men will ‘reach life’ even GOD. It is through HIM that men will commune with GOD. For if THE WORD be killed or rejected, then how will man commune with GOD? For without LOVE and REST and LIFE and INNOCENCE can any be close to the father? HIS KILLING is the greatest ignorance ever, for men rejected life and eternal life.

HE has no form to have done it for us. But as HE came and had a form, yea, HE was reduced to us and so HE cannot do it for us. For through HIS reduction, HE gave us powers over evil in the way HE lived and through THE SPIRIT and made us priests unto GOD, that through our living, we can buy time for the repentance of the world.


Years ago, standing at the back entrance of mine house, even in THE SPIRIT of GOD, THE SPIRIT caused me to see and testify; and I spoke in like manner; even that  if an animal brought me the WORD OF GOD, I would accept it. But not because I disrespected THE WORD. But THE SPIRIT caused me to see how privilege the man-being was to be a carrier of GODS WORD. I saw the vanity of my man-being, even the nothing-being that I am. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

And this encounter had happened after I left my first varsity, yet it was THE LORD who pulled me out of that place. And so many encounters also happened to me such as HIS appearances to me for to tell me of judgment and that HE was THE GARDEN, and also of HIS WORD to me through THE SPIRIT that about our church today, yet I even failed to understand them and take them serious even as a lifestyle and judgment even because  I only thought for me alone and I was in a world that was already defined by science and technology and so it was difficult for me to live this experiences. And so I hurt THE LORD so much, for while HE spoke and I listened, I could not testify and witness HIM as should. Yet in speaking to me, HE hath sought me to continue the work which HE hath created me for to do, for while I was in the world, truly I lacked purpose and so it is HIS WORDS and lifestyle that gave me my life and purpose back.

For the battle between me fierce, for while my dad sought me to be his child for to father me from earth, GOD sought me to be HIS child also, yet to father me from heaven. While my dad wanted me for to inherit his things, yet THE LORD hath intended me to inherit the earth even the one yet to come. And as my earthly father was thinking, GOD was thinking about me too. For while I was born from the love of my father, even the type of love of men, yet THE LORD let me live from HIS own divine love. And so I suffered in my upbringing for I was in contradiction to my dad yet THE SPIRIT of GOD was in me. And I once said unto mineself; I might never be the child of my earthly father, but it is impossible that I not be the child of GOD. For while mine earthly father sought to be a science student even to gather knowledge of THE WORLD and be guilty before GOD, yet GOD fought for me such that I lived in subjection through THE SPIRIT and be HIS own. Yet he too was under the deception of the beast even Lucifer, even the ignorance that runs this worlds.

And just like that, this world hath sought to steal me from my purpose. And it caused me so much problems. And the devil came hard on me while I was in existence and almost succeeded on me. But I thank THE LORD, for HE also fought for me and yet, fought me also, so that HIS WILL be done in me and not that of the world. TO HIM BE EVERY GLORY OVER ME, AMEN.

Even I was prepared long before now to understand ‘CHRIST GIVING HIMSELF’.  Even the understanding was then a burden and seemed untrue to me; Even that everything can be expressed in words. EVERYTHING!! Such that ALL things solid are the structure or form of words. Yet I understood it not but kept the knowledge unto mineself.

The sacrifice was the breaking down of THE WORD for us to understand and be. For the sacrifice hath been done for us before us. And ought we now to only testify of THE WORD even the being of CHRIST as good and continue in it and as HIM, even HE returning us to the friendship with the father which we lost when we rejected THE SPIRIT.

CHRST hath but conceived HIMSELF to us through as THE WORD even THE COMMANDMENTS. For THE TEN CORRECTIONS are the very person of CHRIST. And so HE hath given us HIMSELF even for to protect and cherish.  Yet THE WORD is also salvation unto us for it is that which will educate us for to stop thee from being ignorant and thus rebel against THE GOD. And so while thou see-est an offender, ought the feeling be compassion on him for he lacks THE WORD even salvation and not for thee to judge him with hurt for it is THE WORD which hath also saved thee also.

And so the offense of thy brother is thy offense also and ought thee to glorify THE WORD in the offense of thy brother yet not thee to judge thy brother for it is THE WORD that hath brought thee the knowledge of the offense and has kept thee from doing the offense.


CHRIST does not have to know or worry about ‘the type’ of problem because HE is the answer to all problems. So in some places you can find CHRIST ‘limited’ on aspects of humanity but that’s because HE is not a solution to a problem but an answer to a problem. HE doesn’t focus on problems to ‘derive’ their solutions but HE is an answer to those problems. So CHRIST will not give solutions to the problems of cars and houses and human materialism but HE is the answer to those needs because with HIM, you don’t need them and HE also doesn’t have to know them because they are not life and rest.

CHRIST is educated on sin and evil, likewise good from us, yet it doesn’t surprise HIM or educates HIM because HE is THE answer to all problems. So for example, HE doesn’t need to know the sin, but HE knows LOVE because that is what HE is. So to the problems to stealing and killing and adultery of different people, HE answers it with one answer; LOVE.

So we see that there is no answer with CHRIST on our needs and desires. So CHRIST is limited or ‘not available’ on problems regarding ‘todays marriage’ but that’s because HE never created for (our) marriage but companionship. So what we will find there as solutions are human efforts and ideas, but yet they never are the answer and truthfully, they are a voice against CHRISTS intention.

So CHRIST even our GOD is very limited on being the provider of the desires and needs of man even from the works of man for in HIM, these ‘substance-needs do not exist. So sometimes, there might be no solutions to your problems but the answer exists and the answer is probably a judge to those desires such that you need to abstain from those desires or needs than seek HIM to provide them.

So we are always supposed to ‘leave that place’ than we expect CHRIST to come and meet us there. For HE will not turn against HIMSELF because of us. So when we continue with an effort than want to return to the very intentions of CHRIST then we are guilty of being anti-CHRISTS.

So we will see that there is no SPIRIT or reason for to quit the world now but even because the works of our hands are evil and death and hell and these ought to be the reason why we should leave them.

So we shouldn’t hold CHRIST responsible for our needs and desires and provisions for things that are not HIS CREATION.

For I hear we say CHRIST conquered the grave on the third day; for the third day is not the ‘conquering’ of death for CHRIST even LIFE existed before us who are now the manifestation of death through our works, for death wast known from our being first. And so our hope is in the existence of CHRIST and never in HIS death. For death never existed in the beginning. And so LIFE existed before us who are now death. For if anything HE was the answer to death, even an answer to us.

For it is thee even the sinner who needed hope even because thou art in condemnation of death and not CHRIST who is the revelation of LIFE. CHRIST needed not to fight the grave for we are the revelation and knowledge of death. And so hath come to fight us yet save us from our works and thoughts which cause death, but we killed HIM.

And so I tell thee, HIS resurrection is victory against us.

But even as it is not our generation which killed HIM, then our grace of a living CHRIST is THE WORD which is alive today, so we must do well to keep HIM and live HIM even witness HIM.

And even as we should glory in HIS resurrection even in repentance and regret even as HE has sanctified and eternalised the flesh. Yet only the righteous, even the elect, even those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for THE SPIRIT to reign and only those who accept THE GARDEN will be saved.

For if thou say thou art a CHRISTIAN by flesh then ought I to even know and see CHRIST from the very clothes and hairstyle thou has. Such that if any does not like the hairstyle then CHRIST has lost.

And so one can only accept CHRIST. For if I see thou decent, then I know thou hast accepted CHRIST and when I see thee do the right thing, then I know thou has accepted CHRIST and art a god to CHRIST.

For the coming of CHRIST even HIS birth was condemnation for us already, for because of our sins, we have caused THE WORD to become flesh. Woe to us!! Woe to the rebellious still!! Woe to those who reject THE WORD, even JESUS CHRIST!!!

For the purpose for which CHRIST came to us was to teach us even to tell us that our substance lacks its own truth and as such, can only exist in compromise, hence love.

And so we must do well to stop logical thinking and where thou see-est such people, stay away from them for they will pollute thee with evil and cause for THE SPIRIT to flee from thee. For these logical thinkers only widen and broaden thy mind to reasons which are possibilities which do not exist and they will make it difficult for thee to live in submission even total submission of THE SPIRIT.

For no human logic or human thought or human effort creates THE SPIRIT, which is life unto us. And no flesh can think or wonder GOD because it causeth doubt to thee even because of thy substance, and so we ought to live in submission through THE SPIRIT, AMEN.

Like-wise no human effort can make truth, for not even THE blessed caretakers of CHRIST JESUS made HIM. For HE was not the product of human effort.

And so we must do well to abstain from all works and thoughts of the world for that which does not cause for growth in CHRIST, only hinders growth in CHRIST.

For our thoughts and works and reason which are born of logic-the language of the flesh is death. For there ought not to be ‘the hand’ of man in life for life already existed before us and ought we to only witness it.

We must know we are fallen even our very flesh. For it is a substance of logic. And so we need to hasten out of our flesh yet we be consumed with its desires and the judgment that await it.

We must strive to show a difference between what our bodies tell us and what CHRIST is. Side to witness CHRIST and testify even to judge your flesh. Let its desires not be you. Let it not represent thee in any way, less thou be consumed with it on the day of judgment.

For the body is logical yet THE SPIRIT supersedes our logic which is our understanding. Yet the Logic of THE SPIRIT satisfies us yet it cannot be known and understood. And so we must do well to accept and concede to the ways of THIS SPIRIT which guided us to life.

And so we must keep asking for forgiveness for sins of our flesh, for we, even the flesh are an abomination before GOD, but thank GOD for CHRIST who came for to redeem us and so we must live through HIS WORD which makes us.

So even as HE is now alive, it ought to convict us to show repentance and regret over the evil act. For THE LORD has come and showed us that we are perfect beings and need not eternal forgiveness and need we now to work towards this perfection in love and not us for us to continue in our works which are a manifestation of hatred and envy and lust and all sorts of evil and to continue to need or lie on the cross.For death is a lie and this is that which THE LORD came and showed us through HIS rising again and so ought we now to accepted THE WORD in the hope that when we die in THE WORD, then there is life for us.

For through the rise of THE LORD, HE showed us that death existed not in the beginning. For if it was death which existed at the start, then we would have been not, but that we are alive today, then it is prove that it is life which existed eternally, and this is the existence of GOD. Truly this is grace unto us, for it was not a right to be called by GOD at life, and so we ought do everything for to live in glory unto HIM, AMEN.

For how can THE LORD forgive us a sin when we ought show victory over sin? Then what is HIS purpose of giving us HIS LIFE so we can learn from? Yea, truly we are accepting that we are lucifers even the cause of sins. But as sin is ignorance and HE understood it, is that not why HE became THE WORD so that thou can be filled for to defeat the sin? Is that not why HE gave unto us the HOLY SPIRIT for to guide us into HIS testimony?

For while THE LORD reigneth in life on the earth, said HE not unto us that we shall be accountable for all we say? Said HE not that that it is better for thee to cut up thy hand or leg or less it leadeth thee to hell? Said HE not that thou wilt be in danger of hell if thou call a brother a fool?, said HE not that there is judgement on the man who hurtest the little ones? And said HE many manner of such talks unto us for to hold us responsible for sin. And these talks are judgment unto us from one who became like us but lived through THE SPIRIT. And so HE hath brought judgment unto us first, then salvation through the knowledge of HIM in HIS WORDS for they are HIS SPIRIT even HIS PERSON.

And so know ye that HIS death on the cross as salvation is not true, and where men say that HIS BLOOD washeth away our sins, know ye that these are derived values for the cross. And if ye chose to say that HE conquered the grave on the third day, know ye that the grave existed not from the beginning, For GOD, which is life and the source of life can never be killed. Yet also, did THE LORD not raise men who were dead while HE was in life on the earth? And so if ye chose to continue in derived values for strength, do so, but forget ye not that thou art under condemnation if ye are in sin.

And so know ye that if THE LORD comes and finds thee with a fault, even lacking in HIS testimony as LOVE and LIFE and REST and INNOCENCE unto an offender, then thou art in condemnation from HIS judgment.


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