THE SPIRIT made me understand that there is no substance to the law or GOD’S WORD; that is to say that there is no substance to right and wrong. THE LAW is ALL GODS character, and so the reason we might not understand THE LAW is because THE LAW is GODS CHARACTER, and none can understand GOD. So it’s all about accepting GOD or judging HIM; why HE is humble, why HE is kind-hearted, why HE is meek, why HE is calm. For in living contrary to these even in vengeance and aggression, then thou has judged HIM. And so ye need the person of GOD even THE SPIRIT for to now GODS CHARACTER and be in tune with HIM.

And so know we that because we cannot understand the character of GOD (yet I testify that it is the better life than the one we preacheth), the life of GOD will always be a ‘burden’ to us, yet to the rebellious.  

And on the problem of the contended image of GOD even HIS character, knew HE HIM that it will be a problem of ours for to know HIM and so sent us CHRIST- who is HIS FACE. For anything contrary to the love CHRIST preacheth is a logical thought of GOD as ‘a GOD’ and not as LOVE. And so sent us HE this knowledge less we continue in our logics and misrepresent HIM. And so let us all do well to attend to CHRIST as who GOD is, as HE is the character of GOD.

For it is this logic created the old Jews of which made their laws. Yet CHRIST came and vindicated GOD of all bad judgements did they think HE was, though the evil still continueth today.

For if GOD is not known to us, then we are right to think HIM ‘a GOD’ yet HE made HIMSELF known unto us as LOVE and sent this knowledge to us for to live with as HIS judgements. For this knowledge even CHRIST came and testified of HIMSELF, yet THE FATHER-as love-in the face of sin. HE showed that when a person is wrong, ought it be compassion thou showest and not judgement. For thou who showest judgement has also shown that HE lacks a knowledge and communion and surity that HE be in the truth for the truth is LOVE.

And so THE WORD itself is a law unto the believer. And THE WORD is LOVE and REST and INNOCENCE and LIFE. Anywhere these do not exist as a lifestyle, then THE WORD is a judge unto them. And so thou art in liberty to judge THE WORD, but then know ye thy saviour at the end of time.

And so to reject THE WORD is to reject GOD also. And a lack of testimony of THE WORD is a denial of the existence of THE WORD, yet GOD also.

For CHRIST, even the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD created THE WORLD in HIMSELF even IN HIS LIKENESS so that men through living in HIM, yet like HIM, even witnessing HIM, can have communion with GOD, for THE WORD in the beginning created us as HIM, even equal with HIM in THE SPIRIT. And so we were created witnesses of THE WORD. For it is only through THE WORD that men can commune with GOD.

And so while we reject THE SPIRIT which will keep us witnesses of THE WORD, the revelation of THE WORD wilt always be a burden unto us, we-who are now sinners outside of THE SPIRIT. But even as we reject THE SPIRIT, and so THE WORD has come to recreate that CHARACTER in us, yet to also give us the fruit of THE SPIRIT, but chiefly to judge us even to tell us we are no longer witnessing HIM and are in separation with GOD as a result of not living under THE SPIRIT. 

For CHRIST hath done the worship for us in THE SPIRIT and hath given HIM unto us to commune with GOD. And so THE SPIRIT of GOD is worship for all men, for no man can worship GOD. For though THE WORD intended us to be like HIM, yet HE did not create us HIM, for HE cannot create us HIM, for HE also was created from the intention of GOD which was good. And so THE SPIRIT only makes thee testify of THE WORD-through thy substance. And so witnessing CHRIST through thy substance is worship. And so we are THE BODY OF THE WORD.

So worship is in being that which you were created to be and being that which you are suppose to be even CHRIST JESUS as LOVE and REST and INNOCENCE and LIFE unto the other creation. And so thou art the manifestation of CHRIST unto creation. For so do some of the creation CHRIST hath made, for they live to their purpose and testify of CHRIST as LOVE and REST and INNOCENCE and LIFE through their being unto themselves and other creation.

And so worship is not yours to give, for everything gat ye is given unto thee, for also, thou canst not add to GOD. And so worship is yours to witness according to thy substance, to GODS GLORY.

For THE WORLD was made for THE SPIRIT of GOD to rule such that through THE SPIRIT, men fulfilled the intended life of the garden. And so THE SPIRIT will only testify of the garden life CHRIST intended for man. And so as men rejected THE SPIRIT, then THE WORD came for to give us THE LAWS of the garden.

And so while men were born outside THE GARDEN and intentions of GOD for the earth, there was a need for subsequent generations to understand creation as intended.

Yet because HE was the garden, only HE knew the ways of it and so HE gave us these ways in the laws. Even of not lighting fire for if man hat continued with his food which has been prepared for HIM, then there won’t have been the need for fire, for other creations need not fire for their food. Likewise work also, for the work doeth we is not the work CHRIST intended for us, but the work gave HE to us is in planting our foods and looking after HIS creation.

And so CHRIST is THE LAW and not THE WORD to us for we are in sin.

And so it is these law even HIS CHARACTER gave we for to manifest. And so salvation is totally HIS, for while HE created us through THE SPIRIT and we rebelled, came HE through THE WORD even as a guide for to redeem us unto the father again, AMEN.

For THE LAW all has to do with the presence of GOD which is not compatible with human logics. The Ten Commandments and other laws CHRIST inspired are also the presence of GOD in us. So rather than complain at the law or reject it, why not use it as worship. Why not that ‘restriction’ be worship from you. Channel it into worship than into complaints.

And so CHRIST has done the worship for us through THE LAW. For without the LAW, none will have known the life that welcomes GOD even for we rejected THE SPIRIT. And so we must do well to accept the worship CHRIST has done for us by living and doing THE LAW.

For I ask; if a friend or respectable persons asks to visit you at a certain, does he come and find you preparing the place and cooking at the time you ought to receive and be with him? Or should he come and find you cleaning thyself? Then thou has not honored HIM and thus rejected HIM. For is it not when he leaves that thou can have thy time for thy own affairs? Yet, for all the time thou was together, was he not keeping you company and thou was finding companionship? So even as the time was his, yet you too benefit from it. And so we conclude; The Sabbath is also good for man. For this is the cause; that you find meaning and satisfaction to your being, that HE fills you up. That HE answers the questions to your existence less ye feel troubled and wonder the purpose of your existence and being in this confused world. And so we ought to do everything and wait for HIS coming. But even so, this is not your friend but your maker.

For in trying to worship GOD, thou would see that HIS presence has done it all for you. And so yours is to keep THE SABBATH HOLY even through THE LAW and thus enter into worship with GOD. For the law ‘restricting’ you is CHRIST in that when you don’t work because of THE LAW, then HE has done the worship for you, yours is only to enter into it when thou doest the law.

And think not of thyself as good and idolate thyself. For we ought to thank HIM for every good thing, even character which comes out of us and which is us, for this is worship. For GOD does not desire men to become HIS slaves, but thou wilt only save thyself if thou worship GOD this way, for if thou be like CHRIST even as love and thou does not find thy life in CHRIST, thou can be changed during tempting and difficult times. We all ought to redefine ourselves through CHRIST yet acknowledge HIM in us for HE made us.

For GOD made us, yet HE gave us a right to own our lives and live our affairs and HE gave us THE SPIRIT to guide our thoughts that we live a HOLY LIFE to HIS GLORY.

For worship and the Sabbath is first personal before it is for a church. For where a church exists as a people, its is important they all have the same mind and agreement to the law such that they all are one, even CHRIST through SPIRIT and THE LAW-as the law makes thee a representative of CHRIST. For thou art supposed to prepare to meet GOD and not men. For as a church with one mind, thou ought to-though individually, yet wholly-even as a church, prepare to meet GOD so that when he ought to bless thee, HE blesseth thee all and not some. For we ought not to make the Sabbath about us or men but about GOD. You ought not to ‘travel’ to go and ‘worship’ GOD for it is GOD who visiteth thee. We ought not to pollute it with our ‘thoughts’ about how to worship GOD for we only ought to listen to HIM and give ourselves that day to HIM.

For as HE made the home for us with one chair inside, knew HE HIM, and as such we ought not to complain or tell HIM of the need of another chair ‘for HIM’, for the home was made for the two of you only and HE is ready and wanting to seat on the floor.

For CHRIST as HE came, HE did not only help us fulfill our responsibility, but HE also fulfilled and did HIS role as FIRST BORN and creator of all creation. TO HIM BE THE GLORY, AMEN.


  • The Sabbath is the one law which requires efforts i.e. restraints from man. It is a true test of faith between man and GOD. It is a day when we get to feel and testify of the substance and being of CHRIST through HIS visitation.
  • The Sabbath is the one law which is ‘not in man’ and cannot be in HIM i.e. it is not a moral law. The Sabbath is a covenant.
  • The Sabbath is the one law which confirms the creation story. It’s a memorial of creation to us. It is the memorial of the perfection of creation before time. It is a judgment to the fallen world.
  • The Sabbath is the only law which did not come from GODS character. HE made the day yet became subject to the law because of HIS LOVE for man. It’s a day GOD always fulfilled and always fulfill because HE still visits man.
  • The Sabbath is the one law which confirms GODS friendship with man because HE came to man to live with and also showed HIMSELF to us.
  • The Sabbath is the one law which has made man, GOD and made GOD, man. It is the one law which makes man and GOD equal. (Living under one roof).
  • The Sabbath is the one law which shows GOD as human; Even JESUS CHRIST AS THE SABBATH HIMSELF, For HE came low from HIS DIVINE nature for to make and conceive us.

THE SABBATH is not just a day, but it is a person to us. When CHRIST rested on the Sabbath HE made HIMSELF known to man.

For once THE LORD called me to see even to witness ‘the genuineness’ of THE SABBATH DAY, even THE SABBATH as like the work of THE SPIRIT. Even I saw on that day THE TRUTH of THE SPIRIT. For as THE SPIRIT convicts one and exposes HIM as evil (even THE SPIRIT judging with the person of CHRIST) before saving HIM, likewise I saw people on the Sabbath as strangers even people from ‘far away’ even people from different places. The vision was like unto this; I saw THE PERSON OF CHRIST in front of the temple as though a teacher in the class and the students who were those who ‘want to learn’. For I testified that THE SABBATH is not a day but it is CHRIST. And because no man is CHRIST and can be CHRIST, likewise we are called to be followers of CHRIST.

For I saw that THE SABBATH is what shows you both different yet what brings you both together. For the truth is that the Sabbath is in no man such that no man thinks IT is what HE is.


For I tell you the truth, there is nothing CHRIST hath not done for us before the world, for even as HE created the world, all things ought to lead back to HIM and manifest HIM. For CHRIST has chosen ye friends and families and companions in HIMSELF even as HIMSELF as THE GARDEN and as THE WORD, also THE SABBATH . For all relationships ought to only witness the CHRIST that has existed before the world even to find their relationships in HIM yet from HIM.

For the relationships that bind us today are blood and sex and materialism and are anti-CHRIST, but THE SPIRIT has begun selecting the families of the new earth even those to have witnessed CHRIST as THE GARDEN and as THE WORD. For the people of the new earth hath only one mind even JESUS CHRIST as THE GARDEN and AS LOVE, AS REST, AS INNOCENCE. For when thou see-est ‘a stranger’, yet he is thy brother for he hath the testimony of CHRIST in the old earth, and yet when thou see-est not thy ‘blood’ brother, yet because he hath not the testimony of JESUS CHRIST in the old earth.

And then I saw our lives are in a week such that the next week is grace for repentance and grace for another generation to ‘return back’ to perfection, for GOD existed before our world and likewise THE GARDEN existed before us.


For if we are to go by our human activities even human creations and inventions, that is to say life happened by chance and the beginning of time was decided by everybody, yet our generation. For if we gave order to it, then that means we are creating it, which means the beginning was in us and in us even the future too, but then how? Did we not meet a world, even THE GARDEN before us?

For as the world is saying to us that we were created with a lot of problems hence a lot of needs of solutions, they only affirm creation was not perfect, even they accusing CHRIST of imperfection. But GOD I testify that YOU are all my need even CHRIST AS THE GARDEN even THE GARDEN LIFE, even as REST, even as LOVE, even as INNOCENCE, through THE SPIRIT, For I testify YOU did ALL for us already.

For Sabbath keeping even maintaining THE GARDEN AND CREATION and keeping THE SEVENTH DAY- HOLY, is our roles in this life, even to testify of CHRIST, yet testify and judge this world, yet to save ourselves, and yet to be the ‘pole’ that leads people back to CHRIST. 

For THE SABBATH preserves our relationship with GOD, so a person who was not a Sabbath keeper will cherish and keep THE SABBATH more than thee who was born in the ‘culture’,  for the man who is not a Christian will value CHRIST more than you who is born into the Christian home even because of his personal testimony of CHRIST .

So don’t despise THE SABBATH or treat it recklessly because thou was in it from birth, for I tell thee, THE SABBATH is in no man such that when thou are brought up in the ‘culture’, then the Sabbath is thee. Do well to be responsible to the ‘culture’ and let the testimony of the new believer be strength to thee who was born in the culture, for without thee, how could men have been led back to CHRIST? So then let the joy of the new believers be our joy too for we should be glad they have come to know GOD through us, yet it is GOD who is using us for to lead people back to HIM. So let’s do well to keep THE SABBATH-HOLY , for our own good and the good of others.

For some ask if there will be hell for those who do not keep THE SABBATH. But if there was no judgment, then there was no need for the law, for the law itself is judgment because it has come to show thee thy wrongs and is judgment on those who do not obey IT, and the last day will be the day of vindication of the righteous.


For we who worship GOD also have failed THE MAN. For we ought be the pillar of which the world would learn of its falls and come back to the garden, yet we now have to run the race of salvation with them and not save them.


The trinity are not human and if anything, we, through our substance reduce them and not that they are subject to us. For even as THE SPIRIT lives in us and JESUS CHRIST is with us and GOD lives for us, so we must do well for to respect them even as they have built their live around us and for us. THE HOLY SPIRIT saith to me that when CHRIST was on earth even because HE is THE WORD spoken in heaven and the lifestyle of heaven, that all eyes of all heavenly beings was on earth. We in our sin have caused the entire attention of heaven and have made ‘life’ about us and not GOD. We must do fastly for to be known for good reasons and worship of GOD.

For even as we are not worthy, yet they were not ashamed of us. Likewise we must not be ashamed to look after any of GODS creation, for it is grace that formed us and found us and saved us even in CHRIST JESUS. ALL GLORY IS HIS and TO BE HIS, TO THE WORSHIP OF GOD, AND THE THE WITNESSING OF THE SPIRIT, AMEN.

GOD is not material likewise THE WORD AND THE HOLY SPIRIT, but our substance is that which reduces them. Because if they ought to answer our needs they have to do so materially and as our friends even as our servants, for they live to guide us to life.

For example, GOD gives me a horse; yet it’s wrong to see GOD through that horse. It’s like saying GOD IS only because he gave you a horse, for if GOD does not give you a horse, should it mean he is not? And the truth about GOD not giving you a horse is because you probably don’t need a horse. So should we then say God is not faithful because ‘I dint receive my horse’?  It iss true GOD created the world but GOD is still far bigger and better and different from HIS creation. Saying GOD gave you a horse is like judgment on the person who doesn’t have yet needs a horse. what if the reason you received that horse is for you to give out to someone who through your ‘goodness’ would see GOD-not through the horse itself such that if the person probably doesn’t like the color of the horse, then the person doesn’t believe GOD is a Good GOD? But then human thinking would say GOD has given you a horse, bu what if you received the horse to give out because your God too is a giver?

How about we say GODS grace came with a horse or a house. The thing about GODS grace is that you don’t need anything material to feel it. For in GODS provision to man there is so much more to see, feel and understand before the material than just the pleasure of the material itself. Maybe the real purpose of the horse is not the horse itself. Probably the horse is just a way to communicate with us and not his way of ‘identifying with us’. For THE LORD in HIS provision to us, wants us to trust HIM and see HE is with us, less we forget HIM after we have received our need.

And if GOD wants to bless you, in all HIS greatness, yet it is a horse you need. But yet when HE gives you these things, for HE ought for us to see HIM as faithful and not as a material GOD less we go to him for our carnal and evil lusts, for HE only gives the things ye need and is life and rest and love and innocence to thee.

The fact is we can never understand GOD in flesh, as such we shouldn’t use carnal things to see GOD nor should we use our carnal expression to understand GOD. Our human nature cannot understand divine things and beings. It’s not in GODS ways to direct his people through suffering or famine or diseases, but because it’s our own nature of understanding (only way to correct us) yet it shouldn’t mean famine and diseases are the ways of GOD. But they are a call-back to GOD from our sin. 


And as worship is listening to GOD through THE SPIRIT to be gods even the body of CHRIST JESUS (representative of HIM on earth) even to be GOD’S friends.

For CHRIST hath called us as HIS representatives to be givers and made it easy for us to give in that HE hath entrusted to us even HIS creation, yet the world and its creation (which hath no rest and dost not satisfy)  will only will only keep us in need.

For HE intended life for us to be on loving each other, living in our differences, being equal, worship of GOD and doing HIS creation work, thus witnessing HIM on earth yet we have made life and living to be telling a difference or showing class. We have turned to materialism as a place to find life and living from.

HIS becoming human was to expose our faults, yet became HE an example to us that we can be perfect and we should stop killing innocent and faultless animals for our own sins. For when we do such or think such, we claim we cannot be perfect.


For CHRIST did not create us for to know HIM as GOD. For through THE SPIRIT, man was a friend of GOD in CHRIST JESUS and as CHRIST JESUS. CHRIST intended for us to live through THE SPIRIT and witness HIM without us coming to the knowledge of HIM. Worship came as a result of sin-even how man has come to see GOD as LOVE.

For even HE made for us a home and formed us inside yet HE dint tell us it was HIS creation and it seemed to us as though it was ours and HE worried not for HE made it for us. And HE always visited you, and even HE came in simple clothing. And when HE came HE humbly sat on the floor for HE had made the house with only a seat. And HE was happy that we appreciated the house and was satisfied with the things there-in. and while HE came and saw us eating from the pot, HE was glad for it was HIS making, and you, even the tenant invited HIM to come and join you from the same pot, and HE was happy for thou lived in submission and appreciation of the house.

Then after a while, thou insisted to know HIS house. Thou said; today, I must know where thou livest. And HE was concerned for HE saw thou started to grow in reason and person.

And it was after the visitation then thou sawest that HE was a man with so much wealth. And that was where the respect came from. For when you came back home, thou started to think of how to cloth thyself beautiful before HE comes, thou started to seek things to entertain HIM when HE comes again, that thou started to seek a way to serve HIM when HE comes.

And that was where we learned to call HIM, Sir. And when HE came in, thou rose up from thy seat for HIM to seat on it. And HE was worried for thou had started to live a burden life because thou hast come to know HIM.

And so your eyes opened, for you left living in THE SPIRIT and innocence, by virtue of thy reason. And thou started to change the house, even to make it more beautiful. Then came the need for thee to know that thou wast spoiling the house and thy environment and neighbors was suffering. But thou needed a way to know; and so thou needed THE WORD to know that thou was changing the home and it was wrong, and so came HE as THE WORD even THE LAW for to open your eyes to your activities that they are not proper, yet even to your own good and the good of the other people around thee.


  • Have ye ever imagined what GOD was doing when HE chose to create earth?
  • Have ye ever imagined how you are among those who ‘got chosen’?
  • Have ye ever imagined the grace that made you the first born of all creation?
  • Have ye ever imagined if there wasn’t you, yet you are now?
  • Have ye ever imagined if it was not this GOD?
  • Have you ever imagined if HE was not ALL LOVE?

For is the ‘god’ we expect and deserve and think ‘should be’ not a harsh GOD? yet when we see HIM as LOVE, that men do not love HIM?

For should we not even be moved to want to ‘thank nature’ and life for the character of THIS GOD?

And we must learn to think of GOD; if HE was not here.  And we must seek to GLORIFY HIS existence and presence. For I testified that anything ‘god’ which was not HIM would not have been this good. And we must do well to hold unto this last leg that HE has left unto us and that is visible to us for when he shall withdraw the leg, then shall no man stand HIS anger and judgement.

For the final-time drum in heaven is at play, and we must all come to the tune and knowledge of the song of the drum before it ends, for after it ends, those who lack the testimony and knowledge of that song will be washed away.

For GOD has sought to make us guilty with HIS love, not caring if we love HIM not-and this is faithfulness. For HE has persisted with HIS love such that HE became vulnerable through this love, and it is for us to cover up the nakedness of THIS MAN and yet we continue to sin in the claim HE died for us.

And truly I say unto us, HE is a friend to those who love HIM, but a GOD even a judge to those who are not for HIM.

And so we must do hasty to ‘hold on’ to HIM while HE is still LOVE and GOOD for no man can stand HIS anger when HE becomes a GOD.

If ye have the conviction of your creation, GODS WORD should not be a law even a burden unto us, but a correction for us, such that we love the correction and love the corrector for we know it is for our good.

Yet the ALMIGHTY gives a law and men don’t tremble at HIS WORD? But who are we that GOD gives a command and we think it is not fair unto us and our affairs? What should thy affair be if not GOD still?

Yet THE LORD forbears us, even because we are only ignorant people who know nothing, else we be punished.


For the Sabbath is the revelation and knowledge of CHRIST unto us even to the exposing of us and our works and thoughts.

And HE made HIMSELF known unto us on the seventh day, for on that day made us we in HIS image and gave us HIS SPIRIT and brought us fort to life. And so created HE that day and occurrence as a covenant with us, and has sought for to commune with us on the occurrence of seventh day.

Wherefore THE LORD created the laws of the Sabbath day unto those generations which are born outside of THE GARDEN and ought they to keep the Sabbath-HOLY even in the memorial of creation for THE DAY is their hope of the new earth.

And so should any be found breaking the Sabbath even his hope for the new earth, even his covenant of the new earth for an earth already in condemnation and in-soon destruction and for a self that will be destroyed also? Let thee not be the cause for thy ‘not making it’. For if THE LORD hath said to destroy this earth, ought we not understand why even for to back HIS judgements? But gat we not HIS mind also and so we are also in danger of condemnation with the world for that we also are found in it and in its works.

For as THE WORD hath been revealed unto us as rest, likewise THE WORD is a judge unto us that we are not in rest. And as HE hath appeared unto us as love, likewise HE came forth to show us that we living in hatred and vengeance and logic and lack of love for the father. And as HE hath come to us as innocence and life, also he is a judge unto us in that we are filled with knowledge of guilt and that we are in death.

For as THE WORD is rest, though a judge unto us, ought we agree with it’s judgement that we are not in rest and thus accept HIM and witness HIM. Yet as HE is love, also HE has come so that we can find rest from HIM.

And I saw that our lives today are not ours, for we now live to satisfy the world. For we are the image of the world and where the world has created an image even knowledge of rebellion, they rely on us for to see its manifestation. And we are all following a trend of living and are judging yet ourselves and others from a lifestyle that is not us, and I saw that we are slaves unto the world for its truths is one of burden unto a creation.

Wherefore thy salvation is in thy hands. For it is that which thou art that will make thee interpret a brother. So the best place for to find rest and to love is from thyself.


The Laws and Ten Commandments are yet, not the attitude of GOD for HE is love. It is THIS LOVE that shown and reflected and judged the human ways and detected these ‘major faults’. The Ten Commandments are ‘a message’ to GOD people. For you have to believe GOD to accept HIS WAYS and judgments.

For these were faults between persons because of the rejection of THE SPIRIT. And so the commandments are GODS ways for us.

FOR you can feel through THE SPIRIT, yet not know or have knowledge of the feelings. So the words of the commandments are for CHRIST yet HIM for HE is the truth and all truth. And it is THE WORD which has brought forth the knowledge of judgment.

For they have to come from GOD, for if a man tells his brother a fault yet the man be guilty of another fault, will the brother repent? For the brother will judge the man on the man’s own fault. For when we ought to give to the priests GOD has chosen, yet we fail to give them to feed, so it was important that GOD spoke the tithe law so that HIS PRIESTS can feed, for had HE not said THE LAW, wilt any man even want to become HIS priests?

So we see the importance of having GOD speak our own failures and responsibilities to us. So we must all learn to fight for GODS rule and voice on earth and not our ideas for no man will accept judgment from another man.

We must learn to have one mind, even THE WORD as our mind for if a believer in THE BIBLE, leaves A WORD yet HE be a believer, how can others also take judgment from THE WORD? For all ye who have left THE WORD are responsible for the unbelievers not believing, for thou by rebelling has mad THE BIBLE, EVEN THE WORD, VOID and an opinion. So every believer must accept THE BIBLE for if we make THE WORD void, then how can our children and the unbelievers accept and surrender to THE WORD?           

For I speak so especially for THE SABBATH, For THE SABBATH is the mark of GOD even CHRIST even REST. So when GOD wants to send a prophet to HIS people, They know HIM for as REST, even THE SABBATH, and so the Sabbath is the code for GODS PEOPLE to identify HIS PROPHETS.

From all generation THE SABBATH has been spoken of by all prophets to HIS PEOPLE, for where the Sabbath is not mentioned, thou wilt see references to THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. These are GODS PROPHETS and MESSENGERS.


Thou canst not question the existence of GOD for it should lead thee to question and ‘not believe’ thy existence also, but if thee and this world and the truth and love of CHRIST exists, then the possibility of a ‘god’ exists, yet it is GOD, even the ALMIGHTY who exists. And so our ideas and theories are a refusal to be true to self and life. yet I said; IT IS THE GOD ALMIGHTY WHO EXISTS.

For if thou question the existence of GOD and HIS maker, then the conviction ought lead thee to see that nothing ought be existing then. And this is the truth of this thought. And certainly we are not the the gods-We who are death and lies and hatred!

Know ye that thee are in pride and thy thoughts are evil, and so stop ye to think that thou art a person of importance, for truly we are little before GOD.

But as we have found ourselves alive before HIM, yet they refuse to believe HIM, then suppose none ought to work yet till we know our origins, yet I will work for I know mine, and it is from THE GOD, And will do the work which HE has tasked me, even for to be a caretaker of HIS earth. Yet as we have seen HIM BE, and this calls for worship, and soberness and gratitude!

For thy call to existence alone ought give thee a sober character. Thou ought to live in worship all the days of thy life, for thy existence is marvellous and Amazing grace. Never forget ye the reality of thy existence, that thou art a product of grace, less ye be found in the evil characters of this world, which lacketh convictions of their GOD. Truly, worship GOD!

Seek not to glory thyself in thy existence already and rebel against GOD, for surely, there is a price for it on the last day.

For thou could not have asked for thyself, for thou wast not alive to ask for thyself, yet THE LORD gave you thee. And so thou must live as one who is at loss, for thou knew not who thee art.

And Know ye these; that THE LORD has a right over thy life, likewise THE SPIRIT, to the GLORY of GOD. And so refuse not thy self for to be used by THE LORD.

For after my revelations about the rebellion of man in his creations, I wondered upon mine head; but what is the substance of the will of man? What is the event of the will of man? Why does THE GOD permit it to happen? Yet I will not hold THE LORD for to answer this question. For I have seen that it is death and unrest and guilt of knowledge and caused for all desires which do not support love.

And I wondered; But if this world exists and we are true, then we are a lie! For who is the man to rebel against THE GOD?

For as this earth ought be the garden, even a pleasing sight unto THE GOD, then we and our world and our existence and our works are a lie.

For as this earth ought be a garden, then I marvel at the strength of thy forbearance of us GOD. For thee are face of patience and tolerance. And yet I fear of thy great tolerance, for it is too great that it is as though thou exists not. Yet we have continued in all manners of lies because of thy love and grace unto us.

For that THE WORD of GOD hath come unto us yet the man still be able to rebel? No! We are dead! That THE WORD said keep ye the Sabbath, yet another man said; I changeth it to the day that pleases me, and another says worship is from the heart. Truly we a lie and we are dead!

For I know this earth is not our will. We are too little to be against THE GOD as this. We are only a fulfillation of the devil’s arguments on his ideas of life, yet woe unto those who have offered themselves to be on the devil’s side! Woe unto us all!

For who is the man to rebel at the face of GOD? No! This rebellion is a lie, yet I testify that we have gone far because THE LORD hath given unto us much time for to come to know HIM.

For I too was a person of reason and the matter of the possibility that GOD exists not was a strong matter in me. For though I was raised in a Christian home, yet I knew not THE LORD personally.

And in the thoughts of my head even before I knew the person of GOD. I thought that a god is been ‘compiled’ and ‘defined’ and that at the end of time, there would be a finished god to judge us after time. This was a thought yet not a belief. And I did this thought because I saw that the evil on the earth was too great to be ‘done away’ by the end of time.

And I ministered untowards that though evil be much, the god though created was still going to be swayed by the good of truth and was going to judge the more populous evil still. And this happened unto me while I was in my first university after a class of which the discussion on the possibility that GOD exists not.

All this was just a thought, but I now feel as though THE SPIRIT of THE LORD is that which caused this testimony.

For THE SPIRIT OF GOD hath once moved me to testify that there is no reason to our creation and the creation of the world such that they and you had a right to exist, and so I saw the earth and world and creation and myself is amazing grace. And this causes me to disbelieve in the existence of GOD for the existence of the world is unbelievable and without reason for I saw that there was not a need for our existence for we were not a need and do not add life and glory to the creator. For the earth and creation and man was given and is a gift to life such that nothing was lost from the creator who created it.

For one Sabbath, THE SPIRIT OF GOD, brought me in with a strong conviction regarding my existence. And HE caused me to testify of the grace of mine making with a word of song; what did you do? oh GOD What am I? but that I will live forever? Out of nowhere came I, but that I will live forever…

For THE SPIRIT once convicted me and I saw that there was every possibility it won’t have been me than there was a possibility it would have been me; for I did not deserve it to be me.

For the chances of me causes me to not belief that I am alive, that I cannot digest my being alive. For this is amazing grace even that l am, and that life is found in me and so I must do all to live in CHRIST to the glory of GOD, Amen.

For the grace of mine existence is unthinkable. And this grace is too much that when I sought to wonder about my being, it tempts me back to glorify mineself, but yet I will continue in obedience and submission to GOD. For this grace has caused me to see that I am at a loss, for it causeth me to concede that I am not a self. Yet I will concede my being to THE GOD ALMIGHTY ALONE.

And I once sought to worship GOD even with my knees and forehead to the floor, and as I did, I saw it was vanity for it was never enough a worship to GOD. And my thanks is not enough for to appreciate CHRIST even for thus creating me a worship-in HIS image. For this grace is too much unto me.

For I had conceived a way of worship and reverence of GOD which was good and proper in mine eyes such that I always prayed with body coverings, such that my body was always covered before I prayed to GOD. And once while I was about pray uncovered and just remembered that I was not under covering and hath sought to pick the body covering for it lay beside me, that THE WORD OF GOD interfered and saith unto me; WHO TOLD YOU YOU ARE NAKED!

And it changed me afterwards for I saw that THE LORD was not after our ‘ways for HIM’. For our ways of righteousness cannot please THE LORD for it is HE who lives for us and not us who live for HIM. For HE saw that it was becoming a burden unto me yet I continued in it for I thought it worthy for GOD. For THE WORD brought fort guilt yet judgment unto me also.

For in times past, I had sought to think about the existence of GOD. And it was as though I was peeping above a ceiling, yet it was that I was peeping into heaven. And suddenly, I feel my head being pushed back downwards. And I was given the feelings of gratitude and appreciation even for to appreciate my existence from GOD and not for to live in wonderings of HIS existence.

Even I have been caused to see what men do with the dominion GOD hath given them on the earth. And the earth is become evil the more everyday, for the men have not THE SPIRIT of GOD. For evil laws and evil ways have men set up as right yet it is not truth, and I fear for the growing ones, for they are brought up outside of the truth. Woe to ye men! Woe to ye parents!! For ye have misled and have stolen these little ones to be thy own agains GODS desires. Surely we will answer for it on the day of CHRIST.

And I was made to judge yet witness yet see and ask; who stands for the rights of the children who want to worship GOD as against the evil will of their parents? And I saw the need for the coming of CHRIST for the sake of this little ones who have been denied their right to know their maker and creator for themselves.

And I want but THE LORD to come with haste for this great evil upon the earth, but let us preach THE WORD and show repentance too, less we be caught up in the wrath of HIS anger when CHRIST comes. For the day of HIS anger will be great! Woe to the deceiving parents-who know the truth but yet have their own will. For I always ask; do we even belief that THE LORD be GOD? For if we do, how come we not tremble at HIS WORDS even as HIS doings, yet cherish them? For if THE LORD we say is our God and Saviour kept the Sabbath, how do we not tremble at Sabbath keeping? Woe to the deceiving parents!

For worship is accepting of CHRIST even HIS creation for life, as our works are death and an abomination before THE GOD.

Does thou belief that GOD owns thy body even thy being and existence? Then should thee be found outside HIS INTENTIONS?

For if thou does not love THE LORD thy GOD, then thou canst not keep HIS LAWS. Rather, the laws will only victimize thee.

For if thee does not come to know even THE WORD even witness CHRIST on this earth, how can ye know judgments or stand a judge with HIM? If ye cannot testify of HIM where men fail, how can thee be a witness and judge against them?

For it is the love for GOD that is everlasting life for thee. For it is that which GOD will use to trust thee such that thou, even as Lucifer not rebel in the future. So thou has to see THE LAWS of GOD as a way of life and as such, you accept them into thy life such that they become thy life, such that without them, there is no life in thee-And this is the covenant of eternal life. But thou must show fort this love on earth, for until you are saved, thou cannot be a witness and judge.

And deceive not thyself that because thou art a keeper of the law, even that thou wilt see GOD. For thou canst not deceive GOD. For it is thy heart which he surveyeth. For where the two be grinding and the one be taken; though there are many in a religion, but only few have the love of GOD and have love for the law. And of this mind does GOD require even those who love HIM, for GOD is love also and this be the character of the new earth, even love. For GOD does not seek to be a burden on any less the law soon be a burden onto thee and thou will compromise it.

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